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CUTE DONT GET YOU DOWN THE ROAD!! logo 4/28/2016 AmberD

I highly do not reccommend this car to anyone! I bought this car at 73,000 miles, 4 days after purchasing from the dealership, master cylinder went out, I also had to replace to clutch as well. Bought the car for 5,000!! To top the cake, now Ive owned the car for 2 years and already put in $3,200 in repairs and still counting!! Timing belt and water pump twice now, valve cover gasget twice, air intake, throttle body, catalyic converter, timing belt tensioner and pulleys, now right after getting it back from timing belt tensioner busting, it is trying to shut off while I am driving!! Gonna cost me anther arm and leg. May i also add i have gone through 2 sets of tires because the car is mechanically built wrong so it voided out my tires warranty due to how uneven the car was built. Sucks in the snow even with studs put on. The only good thing i can say about this car is the speakers, thats it!! Now the car kbb at $1,700 so now i cant even try to see it for what I paid for is as well as what i have put into it!! Its a lemon car made of three cars, Suzuki, Daweo and Chevy!!! The bolts are most likely Chevy parts!! Stay away from this car, it will do nothing but make your pockets run dry and waste of time and money

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