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CVT failed for us too! Never buy Nissan! logo 6/4/2015 darehauf

We bought our 2008 Nissan Rogue SL new at the dealership and the transmission failed at 50K miles. It was replaced under warranty. Since then, our warranty has expired (130K miles now). Now, the new CVT has also failed and we have to pay out of pocket to fix it. The drive shaft also failed as did the A/C compressor. We've put over $5K into this car in repairs since hitting 120K miles. Save yourself the money and frustration and don't buy this car or any Nissan for that matter. If you already own one, sell it before you lose all your money. This thing is a piece of junk with a warranty that conveniently expires shortly before the CVT fails for good.Argh.

Favorite Feature : Was good while it lasted. Cheap and good mileage. But all that money you save on gas will go to repairs when the warranty ends.

Suggested Improvement : Should have a 200K warranty on the CVT transmission, the drive shaft, and the A/C. Those seem to fail for everyone and are costly fixes. Also has a horrible blind spot.

Average Rating : 2.25


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