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Cylinders logo 8/26/2015 sdj

Bought my car with 4000 miles in 2010. A year after I bought it it started kicking back when on cruise and going uphill. Took it in to dealership. They said they replaced this and that but every year after that I kept taking it back for the same problem of kicking back when going uphill. As soon as the warranty ran out I had to take it in again and this time ended up paying over $700 to fix two of the cylinders. Have tried cleaning out carbon. It is even worse now than it ever was. Can't drive it with cruise on because it has started kicking back even on straight flat roads. Check engine light constantly comes on and we have spent close to $1500 just trying to get things looked at to try and figure out the problem. Have called GM to try and have them reimburse my dollars and stand behind their product but they won't. For such a huge company, it's too bad that they treat their customers this way. I'm disgusted and now looking to get rid of it with 76K miles. I do not recommend purchasing this vehicle to anyone. I won't even try to sell it outright because I wouldn't feel right selling it to another innocent individual.

Average Rating : 3


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