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Damn, I never thought I would leave Corolla logo 4/25/2016

This car has been a fantastic investment. I bought it brand new ( my third Toyota ) at now 650,000 miles of money in the bank. I loved my Corolla's and my Scion X/A has been excellent in every capacity imaginable. I am quite serious when I say, I have never had a single repair. Tyres, wipers, one battery and oil changes, that is it in almost 10 years. 95% of my driving is highway, so I have never changed out brakes, repaired transmissions or my clutch, it has been so maintainence free, I forgot where the latch was to open the engine compartment when I first changed my oil. It does have a higher road profile, so wind can push you a bit..... I wish I had bought two of them and mothballed one. I coach football ( soccer ) it is dirty, grassy, full of 30 balls, pitch disc's, target jerseys, and filthy kid's. PERFECT!!!!!!

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