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Danger awaits; unexpected acceleration logo 9/9/2015 Ron Walli

We bought our sixth -- and last -- new Honda in March 2015. We drove the CRV-EX AWD just 1,600 miles before trading it for a 2015 RAV4 because we experienced unexpected acceleration on several occasions and received no help from Honda. I was stunned. I couldn't believe how a longtime loyal Honda owner could be treated so poorly by Airport Honda in Tennessee and American Honda. I wanted American Honda to buy it back and told the representative that I would gladly pay for the mileage.Here's what happened: I took the car to Airport Honda on Aug. 26 so they could check it out. Since the problem was intermittent, I halfway expected that they wouldn't find a problem, especially given the way they treated me upon arrival. Despite showing them Internet reports of unexpected acceleration in CR-Vs, they said that they had never heard of such a problem. I explained that there's no way I would make this up since it caused me a lot of trouble taking off work and driving 40 miles (round trip) so they could see if they could "replicate" (wink, wink) the problem. The best I could get was a car that functioned properly. After keeping the car for two days, of course they told me the car was fine.So when it became obvious that the service department was of no use, I tried to trade the car for either a 2016 Pilot or another CR-V, although that prospect scared me somewhat because I didn't know if I could trust another CR-V. They said they'd call me with a trade figure, but they never did as they obviously didn't want the absolutely pristine gray CR-V with the added $500 options of a hood deflector, mud flaps and a sunroof visor -- all genuine Honda parts installed by Airport Honda. I called them back and spoke to Bruce Wayne (no kidding), and he wouldn't provide a trade figure many hours after he said they'd have those numbers in a few minutes.In the end, I lost several thousand dollars and all respect I had for American Honda and Airport Honda. Our RAV4 with a conventional six-speed transmission is rock solid and the dealer, Fox Toyota, is perhaps the most honest and best in America. Reports of Honda's decline certainly don't seem to be exaggerated based on my experience. Oh, and I forgot to mention how the CR-V's engine sent vibrations through the cabin with the car in drive and the brake pedal depressed. Airport Honda acknowledged that problem but said there isn't a fix at this time. Anyway, I just hope no one gets killed in a CR-V when it takes off.

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