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Dangerous Vehicle!!! logo 9/12/2015 Susan Hubbard

Purchased my QX 60 in June 2014. By the end of July, with approximately 4,000 miles on the car, I had MAJOR transmission problems. The car would jerk and jut, accelerating and decelerating very hard and on its own without my foot on the gas! From that day on until 3 weeks ago I had my car in and out of service every couple of months because of transmission problems they could not diagnose (it has a horrible shutter that jerks the car around). FINALLY, they put an update on my car 13 months after I purchased it and of course it told them to replace the transmission. This is a known problem that service writers, techs and many customers have experienced. I had my new transmission in 2 weeks and it did the same thing!!!! Three weeks after my transmission was replaced they had to put in another. In addition to a horribly built transmission the adaptive cruise control, which maintains a specific distance from the car in front of it while using cruise control is seriously dangerous and life threatening. When a large vehicle, like a semi-truck, passes on the right the vehicle will brake very hard trying to bring it to a stop. When you are driving 80 MPH on the interstate you put your life in your hands because any vehicles following behind have no idea you will brake that suddenly for no reason. Again, this is a known issue with service writers and techs. It can be terrifying to experience. I am in the process of working with the state to have Infiniti purchase my car back due to the lemon laws. Wish me luck!

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