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DCT is not your regular Automatic Transmission logo 5/10/2015 gentle_coconut

That being said, Ford and its dealer network should do a lot more to explain to future owners what DCT is. The regular swish-style gearbox is simple in that one bears down on the throttle to go fast and eases to slow. DCT requires one to drive with a manual gearbox mentality. To quickly get to 4th or 5th, stay below 2500 rpm and then once on 4th or 5th one can push beyond 3000rpm to get some speed - I suspect that's when the turbo kicks in. I've found 6th works best in the range between 2200 and 2600rpm. To accelerate, use manual mode but at 160hp from turbo, I dont think this is the horse for that race.

Favorite Feature : This is my first DCT and I think its the car's best feature.A close second is the Ridiculous gas mileage! Just averaged 41mpg from Philadelphia to Savannah, albeit at 65mph. I filled up once at quarter tank and got to Savannah with just over quarter tank.Previously I drove from Daytona Beach to Philly, hitting 100mph in some sections, and averaged 33mpg.

Suggested Improvement : Some of the interior finishing could be a lot better done. The carpets under the seats and under the trunk liner are not properly finished on the edges (is "hemming" the word?) and that's kind of disconcerting to see in a brand new car.

Average Rating : 3.75


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