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Dealer Eventually Sold Me My New Mini for $20,000 logo 4/2/2017 Dennis

I love my Mini Cooper. I can hardly believe how incredibly powerful the little 3 cylinder Turbo is! And, as someone who commutes 94 miles a day round trip from Virginia (DC area) to Baltimore, the average 38-41 MPG is really great for such a solid, powerful, road-hugging little car. I knew I would love owning the Mini after I test drove it; however, price was a sticking point. Consumer literature said you could get a Mini for $20,000 if you went with the 6 speed standard transmission base model, which was exactly what I wanted. Over the course of 6 months or so, I kept checking back with my salesman to make clear I would buy one if they sold it to me for $20K. He called me one day and said they had a brand new red Mini that someone had won in a raffle -- because it was a stick, they brought it back to the dealer. I bought it with full warranty (no destination charge) and got it for $20K. It had 34 miles on it. The only things I find mildly problematic is that folks can't hear me very well on bluetooth, and my hips get sore with all the commuting (can't seem to find a driver's seat adjustment that works for me). All in all, a powerful, good-looking little sports car...I'm happy!

Average Rating : 5


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