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Decent Family Vehicle logo 6/7/2015 sbe79

We bought this car last year with 100K on it. We had a large amount of problems with it upon purchase that were 100% covered by the dealer (a Chrysler-certified Jeep dealership). We bought it in July, it was finally cleared from the dealer's service bay in November. That could be a record. The issue was an EVAP code that eventually led to having both fuel pumps replaced (the car has two). The dealer began with the easy stuff (replacing valves and the gas cap).The vehicle is an overall very good SUV. It is spacious and the ride quality is on par with higher-end SUVs. I'm not totally sold on the quality, but it's nearly solid since then. I replaced the EGR valve this month.

Favorite Feature : Very roomy. Comfortable ride with solid suspension. Good sound system. Adding a vent to the backseat was a nice touch. The fact that it looks nice on the outside doesn't hurt.

Suggested Improvement : The vent to the backseat is pretty weak. In the summer, when you blast the AC, it's a pretty slight breeze inching out of that vent. I'm also very confused as to why they would put in a DVD player, but no screens. I asked a Chrysler dealership about the cost to add a screen in the backseat to the DVD player in the dash... they quoted me at $1000. Yeah, OK. It seems like a silly gimmick -- they put in HALF of a luxury item and then ask YOU to pay the other half, the more expensive half. It would have been more economical if they just would have installed the screens in the factory before they put in the headliner and asked a few hundred more! What a joke!

Average Rating : 3.75


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