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Decent logo 4/30/2016 B. Foster

I would describe my rental Altima which I have for 3 months as competent.The exterior is styled nicely, the interior is functional but plain. I do appreciate the comfortable elbow rests. The 4 cylinder engine is powerful enough but struggles up hills. The CVT works well and you can get up to speed pretty quickly, but there is an artificial shift feeling. The steering is light and handling is just ok, the car has Hankook tires on which ride nicely but lack grip. The cloth seats hold up well, the ride is fairly comfortable but gets choppy sometimes. There is some engine growl but otherwise the car is quiet. Mileage is around 31 mpg combined.The Altima is certainly a good car, it just doesn't feel special. Unlike say, my previous Accord which I just liked to get into every day and drive. The Altima doesn't have that.

Average Rating : 4


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