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Definitely Worth the Look! logo 9/5/2015 James Grobe

Traded in a 07 Altima for the Crosstrek and very happy. The car drives well and the mileage is very good for AWD. It is definitely worth having with western NY weather. Seems to be built well and the Subaru's reputation has so improved. I purchased the premium model but expected a little more from it. There are a few things that could be added or changed to make it an even better deal. For the door ajar light, they use the most basic one where it doesn't tell you which door is actually open - have to do a Chinese fire drill to find out. Having the cloth interior, I was disappointed that it didn't have fabric protection of some sort - picks up dirt really easy. Storage space is rather limited-had much more in my Altima. Because this car is overall a great car, I would make an recommendation for an extra trim selection - the homeowner's trim package. The length of the car is set to carry 10' boards which is great. If there was a way to fold down the front seat it would be fantastic. The package could also include the crossbars for the roof rack. Finally, put a hook on the hatch someplace so you can use tie-downs when needed to hold it shut.

Average Rating : 4


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