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Dependable, comfortable, sporty and logo 8/12/2015 Rico Machiavelli

Comfortable, spacious for this over six foot driver who is usually behind the wheel 2+ hours at a time. Great acceleration on highway for passing. No complaints from rear seat passengers. Mileage averages 33mpg (purposeful/aggressive driving). Smooth ride. Quiet start throws new passengers who don't even realize car is on. Bose system plays mp3s. No iPod or USB connectors. Seamless integration with iPhone. HORRID trunk space compared to cavernous regular model, barely enough room to get luggage for two people into. Nav system works great (except for new construction, of course). Should have purchased a bra for all my highway driving (bug juice is hell to get off!) Purchased third hand, 4 years old. At 7 years old, JUST started having possible issues with engine/electrical (Nav display not coming on, warning light with exclamation mark, check engine light). Tire sensors have been an issue. Regular oil changes. Replaced spark plugs and brakes. While courteous, dealership skimps when providing service (no complimentary car wash) premium charge for oil changes and routine maintenance (high prices) and no coupons online or in mail.

Average Rating : 4


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