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diesel hot rod logo 5/29/2015 gatorjaws

I love this vehicle! Plenty of power(diesel).Tried all diesels and picked the x5 because it came close to my hemi powered vehicle.The ride and steering are firm because this is a performance car not a comfort car.I have my foot in it a lot and still average 23 mpg.Outside finish is top shelf, interior design is very friendly but the gaps and joints are not so good for the price.Plenty of storage(3rd seat would be mistake).Unless you have a lot of money stay away from the staggered wheel setup.Tires cannot be rotated.The spare tire is a must have.Just because its a BMW dealership does not mean good service,shop and compare.More options means more issues.Choose wisely and enjoy! Just over 50,000 mile and still no complaints. Keyless remote does like to make its own decisions sometime's.

Average Rating : 5


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