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Disapointed logo 4/29/2016 John VanDerWege

I bought this vehicle based on having driven my sisters 2013 CRV. This is a very different vehicle. The transmission never engages. When I need to get in an acceleration lane and get up to speed it never takes hold. If you floor it it really confuses it and it starts to fluctuate up and down. I had a 2005 Honda pilot before this and I was ready to take a step down but the storage and fit and finish on this vehicle is not even in the same universe. The console and door storage are poorly thought out and are near useless. My pilot was the exact opposite. I know Honda is chasing good gas milage to compete but in my opinion this was a big miss. I would go so far as to say this vehicle is dangerous if you are going to take it out in traffic.

Average Rating : 2


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