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Disappointed in Toyota logo 4/2/2015 ceodale

I have purchased nothing but New vehicles since 1969 - this Toyota is the worst. I actually had the Service Dept admit that Toyota knew of a manufacturers defect in the Headliner but fails to disclose it. 4 months after buying it the headliner around the sun roof came loose. Toyota first wanted to tear apart the car, keep it for a week and install a new one. Then they concocted a 'fix' with a magnet that lasted 4 more months. After waiting 12 days for the parts to arrive from 3M Toyota decides not to honor it and to insist on taking out the seats, disconnecting all the electical and such and installing a new headliner. What's next? Never again a Toyota. They need to buy the car back.

Favorite Feature : Gas mileage is very good, pretty much as stated.

Suggested Improvement : Needs a heated steering wheel, rear sun shade is very chincy looking, navigation and electronics are difficult to understand and of course the construction defects Toyota knew about but failed to disclose is a serious issue.

Average Rating : 3.25


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