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Disappointed with my decision logo 7/26/2015 M Flick

I did a lot of research into what car I wanted to invest in and am overall very disappointed with my decision. I'm not a huge car person, nor do I pay much attention to these kinds of things. However, for how much I spent on this car, I would have expected a much better value.First, the gas mileage is really poor. It guzzles my gas and there is no chance that I get 22 mpg. My prior car had the same MPG and would last me at least 2x than what I get now. Second, the car rattles and shakes very easily, especially at high speeds. Third, the overall smoothness to the car. It is hard to drive and keep it smooth without jerking at any speed. The breaking is poor as well. Lastly, the stereo system is not clear and precise. For me, Toyota and Honda have always been safe choices. For this to be a Honda and give me this kind of trouble is disappointing. I'm going to take a look at my options to see how I can trade it in and not lose a ton of money on it.

Average Rating : 3


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