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Disappointed logo 9/10/2015 Tony Schmidt

Hate complain but the JDPower survey they sent was nothing but marketing research for Land Rover and the dealership. No opportunity to discuss these deficiencies. Overhead sunglasses compartment broke within 2 months of purchase of this new car. Took it in for repair. It took 5 weeks to get the part and a week to get an appointment after they called to say it was in. When they replaced it, it broke again in one day. Trim on the exterior sides of the windshield came loose on my second long highway trip and I had to stop several times as the flapping became unbearable. Had to remove the trim. So far that repair has held up, Jerky starts in economode. Evoque has a tiny little area to organize phone, change, pen, glasses. Cheap plastic tire rims are easily damaged on curbs, tint in wire filled windshield darkens the true beauty of the horizon, turn signal keeps going for a short period after being turned off, gas tank is on the passenger side (duh), accessing the odometer is not intuitive. You have to push a button on the tip of the turn signal!, the tiny rear window is inadequate, I cannot see kids walking in front of my house as I back out of my garage.

Average Rating : 4


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