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Disappointed logo 4/27/2016 2013 Fiat Owner

I'm so disappointed in my 2013 Fiat 500 POP. We have enjoyed the car for three-years. In the last few months, we noticed a ticking noise on the right side when the car is in motion so we bring it to Fiat of Manhattan for a check-up. I'm told the entire bottom of the car, including all the rims, are bent - as if the car bottomed-out - resulting in a repair cost of ~$3K. I live in NYC, purchased the car from Fiat of Manhattan. 90 percent of my driving takes place in NYC. I try to avoid potholes when possible - which are everywhere on our NY roads - and I've never hit one that made me say, oops, that broke my car. Now, the Fiat is absolutely horrible when it comes to any bumps. They all feel like you're getting hit by a cement truck. But for a three-year old car that hasn't experienced anything other than driving in NY, I'm astounded that the car wasn't built properly to handle what any other car can. So now we're worried that another three-years from now, we'll be doing this all over again because of a faulty, or cheaply made undercarriage. This makes me sad. I want to love my Fiat, but I'm so angry at the manufactures for marketing a car for city living but not backing it up with the framework of a vehicle that can endure city roads. Boo.

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