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Disappointing Investment logo 8/11/2015 Robert

I leased a 2008 CX9 Grand Touring for two years then purchased it. At first I was pleased with the vehicle then the issues start. At approximately 50,000 miles I lost my brakes, seems it was a power bust unit. I had clients in my car when it happened. I contacted Mazda and was told there was nothing they could or would do about a potential safety issue. In fact the representative bordered on rude. Since I then the bluetooth unit stopped working, I was quoted around $1,300 to repair. For no apparent reason periodically when I turn off the car the a/c fans start. Also when the wipers are set on auto on a dry sunny day the wipers start. Mazda had no answer for these issues My mechanic tells me it sounds like a wheel bearing is wearing - never had that issue with any other car. The key fobs are held together with tape so the keys don't fall out. The majority of these issues started when the car had roughly between 50,000 and 60,000 miles. I did contact Mazda and was told I was on my own. The issues continue, the rubber button on the door lock as fallen out this no longer works. Can't even imagine what this would cost to repair. Over mechanically it's not bad but I would say poor in the area of fit and finish.I have owned two Toyotas both went well over 200,000 miles without any real issues except general maintenance and an Acura that I traded in at 200,000 miles (unfortunately on the Mazda). I hold no hope the Mazda will come close to this type of reliability.

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