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Discontinued & Even A Better Deal !!! logo 4/26/2016 Kevin B.

Yeah, the Olds line was terminated, but under the skin, it is 99% the same as the GM W-Platform line-up, which included the GrandPrix (Pontiac was also terminated) & Buick Century. Buick is going no where, it is here to stay, and much of the mechanicals are also shared with Chevy cars. I bought it cheap, $3,600, 8-9 years ago, knowing it sat (only had 36K miles on it) and needed new rotors, pads and some front end parts. These all use the Buick/GM 3.8 L L36 OHV V6 & 4T65-E 4-speed AOD, which are about bulletproof! In fact, the Buick 3.8 L, or 3800 Series II, is the lowest warranty claim engine GM ever sold. Virtually without modification, that block can be turbo-charged, for a reliable 500+hp. Mine is a basic model, but it is very comfortable, spacious - GOOD transportation. There aren't a LOT of them out there, and many people have asked me what it was. Personally, I think the styling of my Intrigue body is elegant, well proportioned and muscular, with bulging fenders. It was the only W-body car to get the 12" performance brakes. With good tires (Bridgestone & my FIRST General's, Altimax HP, which are surprisingly good - Thank you TireRack!), the car surprises people with it's very decent handling that would make grandma puke. Parts? Mechanical parts will NEVER be a problem, because they are GM parts bin parts, AND, I've gotten any parts I've needed, including grey interior trim parts, window switches, etc., on Ebay, and they were cheap. Just replaced the CPM, which I bought online, delivered for under $20! I usually get rid of cars every 8 years or so, but I'm thinking about switching from the 11" brakes to the 12" brakes, the parts look pretty cheap. I think the dual bar front tower brace (originally for the GrandPrix) will fit and look inexpensive, si I'm thinking about putting in that front tower brace. My wheels need refinishing (ruined at PepBoys when some numb-nuts sprayed brake cleaner on the clearcoat finish), and keeping it. Took out the sound attenuator from the air-box, I'm going to get a K&N filter, and eventually, I'm going to have a larger diameter exhaust bent up and a more free flowing muffler installed. The 4T65-E AOD is ar reliable as you can find too, so, this has been and should continue to be a CHEAP, RELIABLE, GOOD LOOKING, DECENT HANDLING car, and the intake and exhaust mods are not expensive, and should boost pep and mileage. It's no M%, like a friend of mine bought, but he spends $1-2K EVERY time he takes it to his dealer. I can fix most things in my driveway. Told I need new brakes, probably $400+ for all 4 wheels, but I bought a kit with good rotors and ceramic composite pads, AND a tool to compress the caliper pads easier, delivered for just under $250. I know I can swap them in just under 2 hours. Like I said, GOOD & CHEAP transportation that does not look like 98% of the cars out there!

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