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Do not buy a diesel Cruze! logo 9/4/2015 Rob

Do not buy a diesel Cruze! We purchased our 2014 diesel Cruze a few months ago. It was a new car left over from last year and we got a great deal on it. It was an ok car and then we began having problems. The check engine light has come on 3 times now due to issues with the diesel particulate filter. The most recent issue began a few days ago and we brought our Cruze into the dealer. They ran all the tests and pulled the code. We have been told that they need to keep the car for weeks and a new part has to be custom made by Chevy because the emissions sensors are faulty. No one knows when the part will be ready. This is an absolute joke. GM Global Support is useless and the person who is "assigned" to our case won't speak to us. We've paid for a car that we cannot use. No one can give us any answers.Seriously do yourself a favor and stay far away from the diesel version of the Chevy Cruze. We have heard from both the dealerships we've brought the car into that there are many known issues with the Cruze diesels and a recall is probably in the very near future.

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