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Do NOT Buy this Car from Anyone logo 3/14/2015 Marissa Ketchum

This car has problems left and right. I bought it used from a dealership about 3 years ago. The transmission has been going bad for about a year now. I'm surprised it has lasted that long driving with a bad tranny. The bad tranny makes it constantly slip and clunk. It slips in between every single gear change and sometimes even slips when it isn't changing gears! Tried replacing the valve body and that did not help at all.It's completely unreliable and the worst car I've ever owned. I expected so much more from a VW. Now, the fuel pump has broken so it doesn't start. Save your time and money and do not buy this year Passat.

Favorite Feature : Nice interior but I'd rather have an ugly car that is reliable instead of a nice looking car with a bad tranny.

Suggested Improvement : This car should have been recalled.

Average Rating : 1.75


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