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Do NOT Buy This Car logo 4/29/2015 Steve Burnett

I am a big fan of the electric car, I own a 2002 RAV 4 EV and love it. If possible, I will never buy a gas car again. I bought the e-Golf and regret it. Of the first 64 days I owned it, it was in the shop 19 days. Still less than 3,000 miles and new problems are cropping up (charging issues, won't lock). The dealer promised that delayed charging was possible using the infotainment system, then after I bought it informed me that it was only available through car-net at $199 per year fee. And it doesn't work. They promised a fix in six weeks, then they say it will be another 3 weeks. Avoid headaches, do NOT buy this car.

Favorite Feature : Regenerative braking, much better than Tesla and BMW. Good acceleration. Range (if charging works) better than advertised.

Suggested Improvement : Car-Net is worthless, only 2 features are worthwhile and neither work. Delayed charging (charge overnight to get lower electric rates) from inside the car, not through the internet. Test it so the problems in ECO mode don't happen (the car can stop working altogether), no more charging problems, you can lock the doors, etc.

Average Rating : 2.625


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