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Do Not buy worst car ever and sevire like no other. logo 5/28/2015 carman106

I purchased a 2012 Rogue used. It had about 28000 mile. At 32000 miles the transmission acted up one day on my way to work. I try to take it in for service and was met by the rudest people ever. Nothing was done to fix it only excuses was made. I called Nissan Costumer Service, I was told that the dealership are not corporately owned and nothing they can do. As far as fixing the car they were not interested. At 40000 mile the car did the exact same thing. I was then told by the service manger " If the transmission only acts up ever couple of months, Its not considered a problem worth fixing or looking into fixing."

Favorite Feature : None.

Suggested Improvement : Need major transmission improvement. Not a car if you want reliability.

Average Rating : 1


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