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Do Not Buy logo 5/27/2015 zp1151

Having owned this car and model for over 3 years now, I have seen some things that scare the living crap out of me when driving this car now. The car seems to be slowly falling apart and breaking piece by piece. The AWD Disabled light comes on at least 4-7 times monthly which is indicating that the cars wheel bearing has been broken so the wheels could potentially lock up at any given moment while driving. The air conditioning vents have been leaking gas fumes into my car even though I have taken it to get fixed many times for that reason. So many things are wrong with this car so don't bother buying one and save your money for a Non Buick automobile.

Favorite Feature : The gas gauge is faulty and moves closer to E when on a downward slope with the car and on an upward slope, the gauge moves closer to F. The car is a piece of crap honestly. No resale value on these at all either.

Suggested Improvement : To stop making these models and invest in a non Buick car. Save yourself time, money, and all the countless and expensive shop trips.

Average Rating : 1.375


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