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Do not purchase. Transmission issues that Nissan ignores logo 6/22/2015 wyogal1890

We bought this van used with 52,465 miles. From the first month we have had problems. First bad seals and now transmission issues. It doesn't happen all of the time, but I put the van in drive, push the accelerator and nothing happens. The RPMs go up, but the van won't go forward. I have had to have my van towed to the dealership twice, and of course it works fine when it gets there. After a Google search it appears I am not the only person having this issue. I think it is time for Nissan to step up and fix this issue. This is our main family vehicle and it is not reliable.

Favorite Feature : * is roomy* good air conditioning* DVD player* comfortable

Suggested Improvement : Admit and fix the transmission issuesBody is a bit loose. * middle passenger sear rattles * wind blows through sliding door seals

Average Rating : 2.5


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