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DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! logo 8/2/2015 Leslie

This jeep has put me through hell. It's my first car and I got it for a great price, and now I see why. Car stalls constantly. Replaced the starter for $90 to figure out it was just a wire pinched for the alarm system. throttle position sensor replaced for no reason at all $80. Doesn't run in weather under 60°. Gas mileage is a JOKE. 2 speakers blow, 1 on its way, and I wouldn't be surprised if the 4th started going soon. Radio barely picks up a signal. Runs amazing on certain days, however my 1st to 2nd shift is very rough, and revs up to 4000+ when pushed too hard. DO NOT invest in this hunk of junk. Save your money, it's an unreliable never ending headache.

Average Rating : 2


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