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Do you yourself a favor and check it out logo 4/2/2017 Value Shopper

This is my 4th Mitsubishi (2 Outlander, 1 Outlander Sport, and 1 Galant). I like them since they have Japanese quality but with a Korean price tag. This spells value to me. This is important since cars just loose money so the name of the game is to loose the least amount. You can do this by buying a new or my preference used Mitsu with low miles and sell it at around 90k/100k. In my experience the cars just run and all you have to do is keep the fluids clean and tires rotated/updated. When I was looking for my latest car I did not blindly pick the Outlander. I drove all the its competitors CX5, CRV, Rav4, and Impreza/Crosstrek at the dealership. I also travel a lot and drove many others including the Santa Fe, Tucson, Renegade, 500X, QX30, Frontier, Explorer... Many of them I ruled out for personal fit (size, ride). The ones I liked I did research by checking consumer reviews and used a detailed financial model to buy the best car for the money. Please do this research since there a lot of rotten eggs out there. Just look at the reviews of the Cherokee. Its a great driving car but a horrible transmission. That is a deal killer on any car. All the research came to one answer the 2016 Mitsu Outlander. The added benefit is the 2016 is refined. It has a great ride, quiet, roomy, great viability, comfortable, and the biggest surprise is getting better gas mileage than my Outlander Sport that had a smaller engine and is lighter. The 2016 Outlander is a very good car so it is worth a look. Don't let the moderate professional reviews and lack of them on the road deter you. I also think the that Nissan recent investment in Mitsu will ramp up the promotion on the vehicle. Nissan needed the Mitsu's leading technology with 4WD, Plug in Hybrid, and electric. In my opinion their 4WD/AWD system is one of the best on the market giving you options on what to do when you are in the crud. Mitsu are popular in harsher locations in the world. This mean they are made to take on more than the average 4WD/AWD, take a beating, and still run. Bottom line go check on out you will be pleasantly surprised.

Average Rating : 5


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