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Do your homework before you buy an hrv! logo 8/29/2015 Doug

After buying several new cars (luxury included), I thought that I was a faithful honda customer (the last 3 new cars I've bought have been Hondas), but this HRV has changed my opinion about Honda. Shortly after I bought it, the hrv started shaking and rattling so bad that it's embarrassing to drive with passengers in the car. I've never driven a car that does this, let alone a brand new 2016! I took it to the dealership who told me to leave it for at least 6 hours and they'd try to figure out what is making all of the noise. Since no other customers had compained to the service dept about their Hrv's yet (I was the 2nd person to buy an Hrv at that dealership), they didn't know where to even start on mine. I didn't have an extra 6+ hours to waste that day, so I'm planning to have the shaking and rattling diagnosed when I go in for my first oil change. My Hrv is making lots of noise from the front drivers side wheel well and the rear passenger door panel. It also creeks and squeeks when it goes over speedbumps or up a curb to go into my driveway. It was soo bad that a Co worker who wanted an Hrv like mine went to lunch with me in my car and changed his mind after riding in it. He ended up buying a Subaru. I don't blame him. None of this happened on the test drive, obviously, or I wouldn't have purchased it. This all started happening within the first month of ownership though. Maybe I got a lemon, but if the rest of the new Hrvs are like mine, Honda has seriously dropped the ball with their longstanding tradition of quality when it comes to the Hrv. This is is the only new car that I've ever regretted buying. Not what I expected from Honda and I'm greatly disappointed.

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