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Do your own homework before reading these reviews logo 9/10/2015

I bought my car used with 30000 miles on it in perfect condition. I fell in love with it when i saw that it had everything that i needed and more. As a mom this car fit all my needs, and it was way better than my mini van. The My Ford Touch is wonderful! it can find even the hardest of places on the GPS and never fails on me. i have to admit at first i was a little overwhelmed with the touch sensitive buttons and all the buttons on the steering wheel, but i found myself quickly learning and it wasn't that hard. I have had no problems with my Explorer just the usual maintenance. the only thing i have found i do not like is when the third row head rests are up it does make it hard to see out the back but the fix was just not having them up when they were not in use, but that is also why the backup camera is a dream, and the other thing is it is a bit slow when trying to get up and go, but I'm also used to a mini van that had a lot of get up and go power behind it. As i was reading these reviews i started to second guess myself because of all the negative comments people had to say about theirs, but people need to realize that not everything can be perfect and that sometimes parts are defective. There is no perfect car brand they all have the problems. with that i am still in love with my car and everything about it!

Average Rating : 5


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