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Do yourself a favor and DO NOT BUY a Jeep Patriot logo 7/11/2015 B Means

I usually buy cars/SUVs/pickups and drive them into until the wheels fall off. I like having at least 2 years without a car payment to really get my money's worth. I bought my Jeep Patriot with 15,000 miles on it and ran well for a year. From then on it has been mechanically unreliable. When I began having trouble with it, I looked up problems and found many other owners of Jeep Patriots with the same issues I was having. We live out away from any large city, so we drive a lot of highway miles. Very little stop and go traffic.COMMON MECHANICAL ISSUES: 1) Alternator will break down at 90K to 95K2) Transmission will start to overheat (that's right, I said Transmission) at around 45K. Talking to the Jeep/Chrysler mechanics, the recommended transmission service for the Jeep Patriot is every 30k. To service a Jeep Patriot transmission, the mechanic has to drop the transmission. There are no drain plugs and no transmission dip sticks. INSANE!3) Even if you do your transmission service every 30K, it makes a whining sound when it gets over 45K. Fortunately I was under warranty when my transmission went out and got a new one. The new one still whines. By the way, the transmission went out while I was away on work and my wife and two kids were driving.4) To change any of the front lights, you have to remove the wheels on the front. Then remove the wheel well covers. Even then, it is a tight fit for medium hands.5) To get to any moving part in the engine you have to have a lift and have professional tools to work on it.Pros1) Cost of the vehicle2) The sound system is very good. You can listen to great music quality while you are broke down on the side of the road waiting for a wrecker.

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