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does not hold up to the VW name I grew up on logo 8/31/2015 Sheila

My previous VW was solid, heavy doors and running like a champ after 200k miles and interior was great.2014 GLI Autobahn Series @ $26,000 purchase price. My car has under 10k miles on it and I bought it brand new. I'd be embarrassed of the quality of this car if I was head of VW. This review is solely on the cheaply built amenities. The Fender stereo is awesome but it makes the entire car rattle, the back deck lid, the front dash, the sunglass case, the console. What's the point of a Fender stereo if you can't enjoy it. The console has broken twice, I'm the only user of the car so it's not being used often. Back decklid had to be fixed to stop the rattle from the stereo. Sunroof motor replaced. The dash replaced and the new one is showing signs of discoloration. Driver's door handle sticks. The fabric on the passengers side pillar is coming unwrapped again. The blue tooth reception is horrible, I just don't use it. You think someone at VW would care, but instead they've offered to communicate with the dealership.. Thanks, they didn't build this car. The car is beautiful and soo fun! but it's not worth the 26k that bought me 7+ trips in less than a year to the dealership for warranty work!

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