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Dogs can open the windows while driving! logo 7/25/2015 Sherry

It seems when I go to accelerate, my Jeep Cherokee Latitude hesitates. This can be frightening when you are expecting the vehicle to go and it doesn't. My other suggestions would be to change the front window opening mechanism because if my dogs are in the front seat and the air is on, they can step on the window button and open them. If I lock the windows, then I can't open them for the dogs to stick their heads out when I want them to be able to do that. When the window is partly down, there is no way to keep them from opening them all the way. I had a Jeep Liberty and those window controls were dog proof and much better. The other suggestion is to move the voice controls from the steering wheel location. My husband continually hits that button on accident and has to say cancel. The best feature is the remote start, heated seats and steering wheel, but you can get that on other vehicles.

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