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$30,000 Piece of Crap! logo 4/2/2017 Scott Wojtas

After doing a bunch of research on my next car, having grown up in a family of Fords and previously owning a Mustang; I decided to go with the Escape. Alot of what I wanted was based on the technology aspect as I installed an aftermarket radio that supported Apple CarPlay, which only came with Ford Sync 3 on titanium models. Day after Labor Day 2016, I found a 2016 titanium CPO with what I wanted and thought I had a great deal. Only to experience nothing but problems with the Bluetooth connectivity, driver's side wind noise, and noises from the undercarriage as I accelerate/stop/make turns. I took it back to dealer to resolve the issues as I was still under warranty. The door was adjusted, a part was ordered for the shocks, yet they couldnt replicate the Sync 3 issues that I had documented with video. The service guy was a jag and didnt care to see the videos I had. After that experience, I contacted Ford Customer Care and basically told me that the dealership is their "eyes and ears" and that they have to see it happen. So they said to drive right in next time the issues happen. So what happens when I'm driving at night and the glitch happens and the service dept is not open?? I found another dealership closer to home, that was able to do a software update from 1.0 to 1.1 which didnt resolve my issues and still didnt give me the Apple Car play, one of the main reason I bought the car. On top of this, I found a crack in the windshield that I had to pay out of pocket to replace as it did not meet my deductible. As for the radio, it doesnt seem to work right as every couple days i have "reset" the console. Had I known I would be having these problems, I would've never bought the car in the first place. Ford continues to lie, and cheat its customers. Promising updates and then not following through. All I want at this point, is for them to replace the radio, as I documented with video the glitches, yet they want stand by their product. And that's why this will be my last Ford.

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