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$60,000 Suburban with cracked dash logo 4/3/2017 Ollie striby

I bought this SUV new in 2013 even though it was a 2012 for $60,000. I got a standard 3 year warranty from the dealership, Bob Steele Chevolet. Within a few months of warranty expiring my dash cracked in 2 places. Over the instrument panel and most seriously beside my airbag. Chevrolet company just said it was not a safety issue and could help cause I was out of warranty. NO WONDER THEY ONLY OFFER A 3 YEAR WARRANTY! The dealership tried to be sympathetic and said they would see what they could do but it wasn't their problem, they had MANY customers with the same problem! I find it hard to believe that THOUSANDS of buyers with the same problem can be wrong. There is even a Facebook page for Chevrolet Boken Dashes! Don't think because you pay a great deal of money for a SUV its going to be better than the cheaper one, or the company will treat you better. My family has always owned chevys, now because of their indifference to customers and REAL problems with their vehicles, my future cars will be imports! Don't buy ANY Chevrolet without checking online about defects they refuse to fix or even recognize. This is a problem with many models over many years! Sad when a company puts money over safety!

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