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Done with Toyota Never Again!!!! logo 8/17/2015 Susan Polillo

My 2008 Camry was purchased with 9K in Sept of that year. I keep up with usual maintenance It just turned 88K and unfortunately have had 3 sets of tires(including original), numerous wheel which they say accord to specs its fine but every time I drive off lot it pulls to the left or right?!..... constant vibration with steering..... to which always Toyota or other mechanics say its fine!?!? Horrible at acceleration from starting off and switching lanes! Since summer of 2014, repairs/replacements on the following....2 front wheel bearing hubs shot, right driver cv axle, power steering line, trans leak at drive shaft, was burning oil(Toyota fix through semi recall) and was just informed my front trans mount needs replacement!!! Oh and the sunroof casing squeaks like crazy!!! Plus the paint is the worst on this car!!!!!! I am beyond fet up!!!!! The only positive thing about this car is the body style and gas mileage.

Average Rating : 3


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