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Don't be fooled by "expert" reviews! GREAT CAR! logo 9/8/2015 Bravin Hughart

Are you kidding? Buy it! We mulled around for two weeks trying to decide between the Honda CRV, Subaru XT and the Outlander Sport. The Mitsubishi had the best warranty by a long shot (not the warranty was much of a concern with Honda or Subaru). It boiled down to bang for your buck. We got a LOADED SE Outlander with the glass roof for around the starting price of the other two. We bought the Mitsubishi thinking we just got more bells and whistles but a cheapo car. Well, we were wrong. We just wrapped up a 2000 mile road trip and we were stunned. Economy: This car averaged 31 MPG over the full distance. (Keep in mind this is the 4X4) The insurance rate was lower than the other two SUVs we were considering. Comfort: I have a very bad back and that is the most comfortable I have been in a car since I drove a Lincoln. It rides, handles and stops very well. Power: Many people comment the power is lacking in this car. My wife and I feel it is just right. It is not slow by any means. 70 -80 mph with no issues through the mountains. Acceleration is actually impressive. MPG is the concern for us and this car finds that balance between power and MPG. The CVT transmission is a little weird at first but you soon get used to the shift or no shift depending on where your foot is on the accelerator. I have fun working with the transmission keeping the MPG maxed out. Design: The interior is not Lexus quality but it is as good if not better than Honda, Toyota or Subaru. We LOVE the Rockford Fosgate stereo system with the touch screen and deep bass. The illuminated glass roof is a treat at night. The exterior is aggressive and sporty. It turns heads. We had several people ask us what kind of car this was and they liked it. Value: We feel we could not have done better with any other car. The Mitsubishi dealers seem happy to have our business instead of considering it a chore to sell us a car (Honda, Subaru). We bought this car for work commuter duty. We have already decided it will be much more than that.

Average Rating : 5


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