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Don't be fooled by the good looks! logo 12/6/2016 Stupid is what stupid does

Wow! Where do I start. If you buy this expensive "Ford Escape" be prepared for poor reliability. Really, read the reviews! This poor excuse for an expensive SUV is riddled with quality issues.I wish I had driven it more than a couple of miles on my test drive. It rides as an off roader, it is NOT a cruiser. The lane assistdoesn't work half the time and there is no beep if someone is in your blind spot while using your signal...worthless.The hands free rear hatch requires several off balance swings of your foot before it decides to open.The car has a very heavy understeer. The ride quality is the worst excuse for a 50k SUV. The throttle response is pathetic, because of the worst turbo lag I've ever experienced. The transmission shift points are onlyprecise if you floor it, but why would you....after just 150 miles I achieved a whopping 17 mpg! The manufacturer says 24 combined. Why do you think it comes with an 18 gal. tank?. I returned it and traded in for an Audi. Stupid is what stupid does.That cost me thousands!...its that bad.

Average Rating : 2


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