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Don't be seduced by mpg logo 9/11/2015 Becky Pappas

I fell for the Toyoto. Problem #1) Attempting to slow down from 65 to 70 mph on highway. In fine, dry road conditions the flimsy car looses it's navigation and wobbles erratic as if airborne. Sure, I loved the zip, the style, the savings, the adorable play car compartments and streamlined accessibility. Problem#2) Spins while braking in rain and feels as if a wind is enough to pick it up and deliver it to Munchkinland where it belongs. Problem # 3) There is no wsy to afjust thr seatbelt and it strangles across mt neck rather than shoulder. This car is great on gas, but totally make believe for any true road hazards. The dealership saw dollar signs and I feel stunned.

Average Rating : 2


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