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Don't believe all the bad reviews logo 3/12/2015 Nick Schoendorf

Purchased my wife dream truck finally now that the price has come down a bit. I haven't had many issues at all with it and it has 160k miles on it. i replaced a cv axle and the eval solenoid. I do all my own work i never ever let anyone touch my vehicles. the headlights are not that hard to change people whine too much. the truck rides great, drives great and has been very fun to drive.

Favorite Feature : the bucket seats in the middle so access to the third row is easy for the kids. you never have to fold any seats down. the dvd player is great for keeping the kids quiet. the middle sunroof is amazing for letting natural light in. remote start is self explanatory i mean how do we have cars without this feature !

Suggested Improvement : Hids should have been stock in all models the halogens are dated and give poor illumination compared to the Hids. memory seats again should be a standard option on the slt-1. lets be real if you have the heated seats why would you make the cooled seats part of that package ??

Average Rating : 4.375


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