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Dont believe terrible hype! logo 4/5/2017 ThePhoenixKing

Okay i felt more than compelled to write a review about this car. You see all official sites that review cars (I.E. Motortrend, Edmunds, CarandDriver, etc) severely underrate this car. Its criminal really. If based your purchase off the magazine reviews or youtube. You would be robbed of a great car. And im serious. The 2015-2017 Camry SE model is a superb handler. I have chucked this car into many corners bit hot. And the car simply settles in and hunches down. Body roll is very minimum. Acceleration great in sport mode. However in regular drive sometimes the transmission doesn't give you the gear want for more rapid takeoffs. My remedy is simply throwing the shifter into sport. Dropping down two gears and you dont even have nail the gas for it to fly off. Over 100 miles an hour though and the governor limits the otherwise good pulling power. Brakes are excellent as well. However when compared to the Chrysler 200 (2015-2017) the brakes take more pedal really bite down and kill off momentum. This is most prevalent on the highway when you suddenly need to stop because traffic is getting congested. But once biting the brakes are good and front end dive is minimum with all other body motions. The fuel economy is excellent since the car always wants to be in ECO mode(which contributes to the sometimes slower takeoff speeds). The smaller tank means 20 dollars has full or an hair under the full tank mark. The interior is lovely. Materials are good for the class. I have the ashette color scheme(ash colored seats with leatherette fabric mixed) Back seat room is mind boggling. My customers always give me compliments(I uber Lyft) and some have even said they can't tell difference between my car and a luxury vehicle. (I am not making this up). The fact is owners do nothing but PRAISE the camry. Its only reviewers that make the Camry seem subpar. And ive driven the class favorite Madza 6(2016). Both are neck and neck but overall I prefer my car. Its the number 1 car in AMERICA 15 YEARS STRONG FOR GOOD REASON. THEY GOT IT RIGHT ON THE MONEY!

Average Rating : 5


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