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Don't buy a Diesel logo 6/17/2016 Jodi

We own at 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Diesel. I love the car it drives great when it drives. That's the key point here. It's been serviced 14 times yes 14 and today as I write this it's in again and now for 2 weeks the list is growing and now they found metal in the oil pan. We don't know what we can do. We bought it in MO and now live in CO. I truly love the car and the way it drives and the Diesel has been great on gas mileage we own a Dodge 2500 Diesel. But I can't handle all the endless trips to the dealership. It has stranded me 2x and almost caused a serious accident when the engine stopped going at 60mph. We filled a lemon claim but all we got was a letter back saying thank you for submitting. I sure hope no one else has to go through this nightmare.

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