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Don't buy the hype logo 7/1/2015 clearwatereq

Nice truck, no doubt there, interior among the best out there. Mine has been back to the dealer for several annoying faults, and a major issue with stalling out. Also not fond of the overly harsh ride and interior rattles. Ecobust performs OK, but theres no 'eco' to be found. I'm getting a steady 14mpg mixed highway/city.

Favorite Feature : Interior style/room/ and comfort. Great power. All the techy stuff is really neat...when it all works.

Suggested Improvement : Styling is downright frumpy, a very awkward looking truck at some angles. Fuel economy is poor, no benefits running a turbo six when you use it as a truck. Ford, please fix the rattles!

Average Rating : 2.625


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