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DON'T BUY THIS CAR!!!! logo 5/18/2015 ex_subaru_fan

I don't believe the rating system is accurately stating how disappointing this car is, based on some of the statements below:Using Oil ! – but 4 stars?Oil burner & Subaru does not want to admit problem – but 3 stars?Do Not Buy – but 2 ½ stars?Constantly having to check engine oil – but 3 ½ stars?BURNS OIL & has a slight hesitation – but 2 ½ stars?Incessant Rattling – 4 stars?Purchase Was A Mistake – 2 ½ stars?DISAPPOINTED - TERRIBLE RIDE – 4 stars?2014 Forester BURNS OIL – 3 stars?Let me put it succinctly. Subaru thinks it is "normal" for an engine to use 1 quart of oil per 1200 miles. That's insane.This is my 6th Subaru; I won't own another.

Favorite Feature : I may only lose 4-5 K on this car when I sell it. That's the only positive I can state.

Suggested Improvement : Fix the oil burning problem instead of denying it. Replace all the blocks in the 2011-2014 Forresters that you have admitted in Technical Service Bulletins have this problem. Be the company you claim to be.

Average Rating : 1


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