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don't buy this year make and model of cadillac logo 7/21/2015 Craig

the car shutters when driving slow, the dealer says its a design char. I call it a flaw and I have never had a car that shuttered when you turned the wheel. well let me take that back. I have but I replaced the power steering unit and I fixed it. I have a 2004 cts drives like a dream still. this car sucks. I just bought it and I cant believe this new steering unit is not powerfull enough to turn the wheels. I drive underground a lot to park the car and it shutters. I mean really. its a Cadillac it should be up to min. of industry standards if not exceed them. Hell I could of bought a Honda and not had this much trouble. I cant believe the dealer knows bout the steering and still sold me the car. they saw me coming. why not fix it for good then sell the car. not just pawn it off on another customer. Cadillac should not do that. Im frustrated the dealer wont help me. Im afraid im going to have to get legal help. the transmition geezh. it revs too high then when it shifts it gives you whiplash. it underpowered a poorly designed car. its a lemon. they wont admit it. don't buy this make and model get a cts instead.or if you want to get a suv buy anything else and certainly not this make and year. one nice thing about the car.... the sound system.. Period.

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