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Don't die before you drive a Lexus ! logo 6/16/2017 Tony

Well, you can spend all your life time driving other cars and your life goes on , or you can drive a Lexus and every day you will be waiting for the moment you get in your Lexus to drive home after work- wow what a feeling being in a Lexus after a long day at work on a heavy traffic day- this is a meditation in a car, and you will be wondering why other drivers around you are yelling and stressed- because they don't drive a Lexus- look at any Lexus drivers around you and you will see them just enjoying being united with their Lexus. Its been stated multiple times that driving a Lexus is therapeutic, makes you wonder is it still a car? Try a 27 years old LS400 with 300K miles and you wont believe its a car- BMW and Mercedes must be worried, seriously- if you reading that review, get yourself a Lexus, PERIOD.

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