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Don't Do It! logo 7/29/2015 kpcoach

Sold my '14 Jeep GC today. First American car in 20 yrs. Biggest $50K mistake of my life. Replaced it with a Lexus NX that will give me no trouble. First 10 weeks of owning this Jeep - dashboard went black, service department AWFUL and have had it back in the shop every few months for other issues; including rear shock failure at 16K miles that caused daily creaking and clunking in the rear end. "The most awarded SUV" is a complete piece of junk. Old Jeep Service Dept. not meant for a luxury vehicle experience (looked like a Kmart) new Lexus Service Dept. treat me like royalty (beautiful place). I will NEVER buy American again. There is no reason they can't build good cars. Took a loss, but so glad to be rid of it. I felt sad b/c it looked good, just didn't run and ate gas like no other car I've owned. BEWARE.

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