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Don't ever buy a Jeep! logo 9/9/2015 whaiges

We've had nothing but problems with our 2006 Jeep Commander. It was 1 year old and had less than 24,000 miles on it when we bought it. It looks great, but a pretty vehicle hides lots of problems. There is a design flaw in the drain tubes from the sun roof. The drain tubes are so small that they clog very easily and are very difficult to access to clean. When it's clogged, the water backs up through the hand-holds and drips into the cabin and soaks the floorboard. The door handles are attached to the plastic back of the door panel and they break easily and you have to replace the entire door panel. We've had to replace 3 of the 4 door panels to fix the doors so we can open them from the inside. Both front seats wear unevenly and cause the plastic panel concealing the seat adjustment mechanics to break. The leather seats crack and require custom seat covers or you'll have to shell out over $800 for a new replacement seat. In short, Jeep should be ashamed of this product and we've decided that we will NEVER buy another Jeep product again!

Average Rating : 2


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