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DONT! Just DONT!!!!!!! logo 6/1/2015 lindze84

First off the transmission went out at 2000 miles leaving me stranded unable to get it even to go into a gear since then it has been NOTHING but hard shiting, after taking it in the 3rd time I gave up bc Chrysler says its fixed, not even close. For 4 months straight the wheel bearings made a horrible sound then turning, after 4 times in the shop it turns out it needed new shocks/struts. More recently the heating, my car has a mind of its either blows hot or cold, there is NO in between. This is the most expensive piece of crap ever made....GARBAGE! 15000 miles and has been in the shop 14 times, YES 14 times! what a joke, I cant wait to place a big bow on it when I win my lawsuit!

Favorite Feature :

Suggested Improvement : Everything

Average Rating : 1.75


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