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Don't let the looks fool you logo 9/7/2015 Ben Parrino

She isn't the fastest nor is she the prettiest. But, our 98 Century is holding up remarkably well considering she's about 18 years old. The Odometer went out @ 154k about 9 months ago. These cars are known to have faulty wiring problems, as we have to have the driver door and another door open to control the windows, which is dangerous if you drive off forgetting you had a door partially cracked open. Otherwise, doing regular engine maintenance has kept her running like a dream. The maintenance guy was even like "Wow! Your cruise control still works. A lot of these cars don't have it anymore because they didn't take good care of the engine". So yeah if you take moderately good care of this car it will take VERY good care of you. Our buick gets very very hot in direct sunlight which is great for winter time. Also, if you have decent tires on yours, you can outdrive most AWD vehicles in the snow. And it's awesome. We were being told the engine might go soon, so we went out and bought a 2002 Regal LS to have for when this car goes out. But, honestly, since the mechanic fixed her up I think she's gonna make it to 200k hopefully, and we can just have the Regal sit in the parking lot for 4 months and use ole reliable to pay off new reliable.

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